Global Mission and Service

Officially recognized Church of the Brethren groups exist in the African Great Lakes region (Rwanda, Burundi, and Democratic Republic of Congo), Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, India, Nigeria (general Nigeria page & history) (Nigeria Crisis Response), South Sudan, Spain, and Venezuela.

The ministries of Global Mission and Service (GMS) seek to integrate faith and service as they challenge and equip Brethren to respond to human need and grow the church of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

Global Mission and Service ministries include:

Activities conducted in Global Mission are done in the context of responding to human need around the world, while witnessing to God’s love. The programming of Global Mission falls into six broad categories:

  • church development
  • health and well-being
  • education
  • peacebuilding
  • economic empowerment and
  • agriculture development

Global Mission envisions the development of a global Church of the Brethren consisting of autonomous groups that witness to their broader communities while mutually encouraging one another as branches from the denomination vine. It seeks to deepen faith and relationships with established mission points, promoting outreach ministries and developing leadership. With emerging mission points, it seeks to promote core Brethren beliefs and practices while building organizational capacity and deepening faith.

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  • Planting potatoes, harvesting choirs in Rwanda

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