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Climate Change

Creating a climate for justice

“What does a changing global climate mean for the poor, both now and if we stay on the current path?” Authors Sharon Yohn and Laura White address that question in this, their second article in a series on climate change. […]

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Bible Study

Check the back door

Have you ever waited for guests to arrive at your house for a visit? Piles of clutter have been collected, cobwebs have been cleared, and culinary treats have been created. You are ready! The time arrives and you wait, watching from the windows, working at little details that don’t matter, waiting by the front door […]

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Living Simply

Room for redemption

Like many relationships, churches, lives, and so many other broken and often mistreated things, the redemption of this room took a little vision, hard work, and perseverance. I like to think that it also took time on our knees… […]

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