The 2014 Ministerial Leadership paper calls all ministerial leaders to “pay special attention to their ‘spiritual health,’ and continue to improve their professional skills.” As important as formal education is, it does not complete one’s learning and preparation for ministerial leadership; education is a lifelong process.

Leaders must continue to grow spiritually and professionally if they are to provide the quality leadership expected and needed by the membership. Those who do not continue to grow and mature are likely to become discouraged and even dissatisfied with their ministry. These individuals are prime candidates for “burn out.”

However, leaders who actively learn, grow, and seek renewal are more likely to provide inspired and healthy leadership. Continuing education provides a “win-win” situation for both congregations and pastoral leaders.

Church of the Brethren Ministers’ Association

The purpose of this organization shall be to:

  • provide a forum for ministers to explore issues that affect their life and work;
  • serve as an advocate voice for ministers in the denomination.
  • offer ministers continuing education opportunities;
  • provide opportunities for deep sharing and community building among ministers;
  • advocate for local and district fellowship opportunities that encourage mutual support;
  • support the work of the Ministry Assistance Fund;
  • strengthen ties with the wider church.

Membership is open to all ministerial leaders of the Church of the Brethren.