Newsline for September 10, 2016

1) New connections for Bethany Seminary in Brazil
2) Brethren sponsor capacity-building conference for Batwa from Rwanda, Burundi, DR Congo

3) Huma Rana to become director of Financial Operations for Brethren Benefit Trust
4) BVS Unit 313 volunteers begin their terms of service

5) General secretary to hold listening sessions across denomination
6) Brethren Academy offers ‘Healthy Boundaries 201′ training as a Spanish language webcast
7) Entrenamiento en Limites Saludables y en La Ética de Relaciones Ministeriales

8) Brethren bits […]

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Brethren Bits for September 10, 2016

In this issue: Corrections, remembering Kaydo Petry and P. David Leatherman, Terry Goodger ends her service as office coordinator in Material Resources, Bethany Seminary welcomes nine new students this fall, a walking team honors Ted Studebaker at Dayton’s Peace Heroes Walk, Linda and Robert Shank return for another semester at PUST, the history of the sinking of the Zam Zam, Bridgewater College enjoys record enrollment, and more. […]

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Brethren Sponsor Capacity-Building Conference for Batwa from Rwanda, Burundi, DR Congo

Working through a nascent Brethren church in the region, the Church of the Brethren sponsored a capacity-building conference to bring Batwa together from Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The following is excerpted from a report by Dr. David Niyonzima, detailing the conference and some of the learnings gained from the interaction:

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Newsline for September 2, 2016

1) Preachers are announced for Annual Conference 2017, nominations are sought for the ballot

2) Children’s Disaster Services sends fifth team to Louisiana, Material Resources ships more aid

3) Northern Plains District group enjoys Brethren heritage tour

4) Traci Rabenstein to begin work for Church of the Brethren donor relations

5) Brethren bits […]

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