Newsline for July 14, 2018

1) Task of seeking a ‘compelling vision’ is begun with conversation among Conference-goers
2) Delegates affirm the ecumenical and interfaith work of the church
3) ‘Creation Care: Faith into Action’ recommendations are adopted
4) Conference adopts new vision for a global Church of the Brethren
5) ‘Vitality and Viability’ report focuses on providing resources for renewed vitality
6) Changes to the Church of the Brethren bylaws are approved, among other business
7) Paul Mundey to serve as moderator-elect of Annual Conference, among other elections and appointments
8) Standing Committee discusses Michigan District situation
9) Annual Conference welcomes new projects, fellowships, and congregations
10) ‘Witness to the Host City’ aids women in rehabilitation treatment, and their children
11) Annual Conference by the numbers, and more from Cincinnati

12) Vietnam initiative focuses on babies with Retinopathy of Prematurity

13) Brethren bits […]

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A road to freedom

In downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, there is a museum dedicated to the Underground Railroad and slavery in the United States. As soon as I began viewing the first part of the exhibit, I was overcome with emotion, seeing the portrayals of men bound in chains staring down the barrel of a gun. My eyes filled with tears. […]

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